Did you know?

Only 2% of the food in the world is organically grown. We are the special ones.

Organic farming is better for the environment - it doesn't use any nasty toxic chemicals that pollute the soil and water.

Up to 500 chemicals are routinely used in conventional farming. That's a lot of chemicals.

Organic food is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Good to know.

Our organic apricots are naturally dark with a lovely rich flavour because they're grown without using nasty sulphur dioxide as a preservative.

In the 1980s when we wanted organic figs, we knew there were none! So we set up our own project, working with like-minded farmers and the Good Food Foundation to grow them.

The sales of Organic baby food is now bigger than the sales of conventional baby food. Only the best for our babies!

Organic food tastes better! That's what we think anyway.

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